Meet Clever plant

We help you stop killing plants and make your home green no matter your prior plant care knowledge

Our mission

The world we live in has been faster and more hectic than ever before. And knowing that almost 7 out of 10 people will live in urban areas by 2050 is truly mind-blowing. With an extremely fast-paced and urban lifestyle, we want to bring plants into people's lives.

We believe that in a world hectic as today, surrounding yourself with green and flourishing plants will have a plethora of positive impacts on your life. Everyone deserves a green home, and we have more than one reason why!

People surrounded by plants
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Boost your mood

Studies have proven that plants improve to boost your mood and improve productivity by up to 15% percent!

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Improve home air-quality

Plants improves air quality! According to Nasa, houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. Take a fresh breath literally.

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Better mental healthy

If you wanna survive in this world, taking care of your mental health is crucial. Plant care helps reduce stress, and anxiety and improve mental health.

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Take care of yourself

Plant care translates to self-care! Fresh plant parents report that since taking care of their plants, they started to take much better care of themselves.

Examples of our past work

How it all started

Peter, Nejc, and Adam are childhood friends that always dreamed of making a real “grown-up” project together. And not just any project, but a startup that will leave a positive impact on today's world. One day Peter was rambling to Adam and Nejc about how he has been dealing all his life with everyone asking him how to take care of their plants. You see, he comes from a family that owns a big flower import business in Slovenia, so everyone expects to get the best tips from him (and free flowers).

Suddenly, the light bulb in their head just clicked - let’s create an app that helps you grow plants together with an exciting plant-loving community! All big plant lovers and sustainability enthusiasts decided to stop all the plant killing and make plants actually fun! And so the Clever - plant has been born.

Today Clever plant and Plantimizer are united in one smart home assistant product that will make plant care easy for everyone. A young family with 3 kids, a business owner working 24/7, or just a friendly website visitor like you! Ready to stop killing plants? We got you!